Real Estate Closing Discounts Available!

Refinancing a property? Purchasing a property? One of the costs associated with doing either action is the closing fee. This fee is charged by the attorney that closes the file. At Hamad Law Firm, LLC, we’d like to see you able to close for the least money possible, so we’re offering a couple of discounts right now:

First: “Like” us on Facebook and we’ll knock $25 off of our closing fees. It doesn’t get any easier than that! This is good only for closings taking place before March 31, 2011. Just let us know when you schedule your closing with us.

Second: If you’re one of our next five customers and you see this discount, we’ll knock $75 off our fees. Just ask for it! Again, this is applicable only for closings taking place before March 31, 2011.

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Should I Buy Now?

Buyers today are concerned with the quality of the real estate market. They’ve watched as taxes have risen while property values have dropped. They’ve watched as thousands of people have been foreclosed on. Yet they – you – still want to own a home… at the right time, of course. A home is an investment in the future. It is a place where families can grow. It is security in an uncertain word. So is now the time to buy?

Let’s start with the assumption that you have the money to buy – otherwise this is all academic, right? Realistically, you’ll need at least 10% of the purchase price of the home upfront. Unfortunately, if you have less than 20%, you’ll need to pay for Mortgage Insurance – but you can still get that loan you’re looking for. You’ll also need a pretty decent credit rating – let’s say 600′s and above, generally. The higher the better, of course!

Do you have a current home? You’ll have to check its current value. That’s certainly a concern in this market. The flip side of this is that it’s likely the home you try to buy will also have decreased in value. So let’s call it a wash. If you don’t have a current home, that’s a win for you! You get the benefit of the drop in home prices without having to deal with the problems inherent in selling a current home.

Unemployment is also a concern for us all. How do you feel about your job? Is your company doing well? If layoffs are on the horizon, you might want to hold off until you’re sure you’re safe. If not, well, you’re a lucky person and you’re ready to buy.

Here’s the big plus in buying right now – interest rates. With fixed rate loans available in the low 4% range, and variable rate loans available in the mid-3% range, you’re never going to find a better time to borrow money. If you need assistance in locating a good loan officer, don’t hesitate to contact the Hamad Law Firm – we may be able to help.

If you have the down payment, and you have the credit, what are you waiting for? Prices are low, interest rates are lower. Buying could never be more attractive. If you need a loan officer or a real estate agent, don’t hesitate to ask us today! As always, as soon as you initiate proceedings to obtain a loan or purchase (or sell) a home, you should contact an attorney immediately to assist you through the process.

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Thank you for visiting the new web home of the Hamad Law Firm, LLC. We are based out of New Haven, Connecticut, and cover the entire State of Connecticut, as well as providing services in Massachusetts and New York. Principal practice areas include Real Estate (including loan closings) and corporate law.

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